We manufacture machines that process wood.
There are many kinds of wood processing machinery, but we specialize in the manufacture of plywood machinery. Our strength is the technological know-how we have cultivated and honed over the nearly 100 hundred years since our founding in 1925. Our plywood production machinery, which combines the expertise we have inherited from our predecessors with the latest cutting-edge technology, holds the top market share in Japan. With the globalization of the world’s economies, our machinery has received high praise from abroad as well, and we have built up an extensive track record. We are a manufacturer that delivers complete products.
We build uniquely original and innovative machines with a consistent level of quality, tailor-made to meet our customers’ requirements. Each and every machine is carefully crafted from the ground up, assembled in our own factories, and its workings checked before it is sent out to the customer. We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including export and delivery to the site, on-site installation, and maintenance. In this way, we build relationships of trust with our customers, relationships that we happily maintain over many years.